2019 Back to School Picnic 開學前野餐

The Pittsburgh Tzu Chi Academy Back-to-School picnic has been scheduled for Sunday, August 25, 2019 between10:30 am to 4:00 pm at the Venango Trails Clubhouse located at 400 Cayuga Circle, Mars, PA 16046.  The school will provide food and you are welcome to bring water, drinks, fruit or dessert to share.  Please reply to this email to register and let us know how many people will be attending the picnic and what you will be bringing.  If you have already registered at the Tzu Chi WeChat or Line group, you are all set.  One reminder, in order to reduce the picnic disposable plates, cups, fork etc…we encourage you to bring your own eating utensil.  Go Green!.  Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.        


匹茲堡慈濟人文學校首次舉辦學校野餐,目地能讓學生和老師能夠在開學前輕鬆愉快的環境下聚會聯誼,計劃於2019年8月25日星期日在位於Venango Trails俱樂部舉行400 Cayuga Circle, Mars, PA 16046。慈濟師姊會負責準備主食,歡迎您攜帶 水,水果,飲料或甜點。 如果您已經在匹茲堡慈濟人文學校WeChat或Line群組裡報名,請在群組裡報名,告知人數和您要攜帶的東西。如果您沒有加入學校WeChat或Line群組裡,請用email [email protected]來報名。報名時請告知人數和您想要攜帶的東西。為了提倡環保,讓這次野餐製造的垃圾減到最低,歡迎攜帶您的餐具, 感謝您!

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