Reflection on a Still Thought

Reflection on a Still Thought
靜思語的感想 劉芸語 (知足班學生)
Before we criticize others, let us consider whether we ourselves are perfect and without flaws.
I picked this still thought, because it sounded reasonable to me. Lots of times, we criticize others before we think about ourselves because it’s much easier to see their faults than to see our own. However, we never put ourselves in their shoes to see whether we would behave in the same way. If we would behave in the same way, how could we criticize them? People tend to think that they are perfect but no one really is. Therefore, before we criticize the way someone else behaves or does something, we should first check if we act or behave in the same way. I think if everyone can do this, we will all be more forgiving.