Happy Learning 快樂的小班

Happy Learning 快樂的小班  黃琦惠老師
Twelve Sundays have flown by since we started the new school year. How wonderful it has been to meet the new students and enjoying the opportunity to learn together at the Tzu Chi Academy, Pittsburgh. This is my third year of teaching the Basic I class. First of all, please let me introduce to you my great assistant teacher Jennifer Liu and loving parent assistant, Enjung Lee.  As to my great team of students, starting from the left side of the photo are: Ann Dickey (Batman), Ethan Liang (Thomas the Train), Yaanika Velliste (Princess), Allan Velliste (Medieval Knight), George Drutis (Spiderman) and Malena Bendik (Puppy).
All of our outstanding students can run, jump and bark. They also have super memory and can immediately recite the new lesson as soon as we review the chapter illustrations in our Living Mandarin book. Originally, our lesson plan is to master 20 characters this school year but the strong students have exceeded plan and we are quickly adding words to their lessons. Our school teaching approach is to adopt a comprehensive engagement of our students’ speaking, listening and reading abilities. Therefore, the classroom provides opportunities to “speak” such as self-introduction and dialogue with each others. Children like to hear encouragement and praise, they will be more enthusiastic and speak more Chinese with your support. “Listening” is sometimes hard for younger students. We teach students to listen to the teachers and each other. If you stop by our class, you’ll commonly hear the Chinese phrases of “please sit down”, “please line up”, “please be quiet” J “Reading” is fun with interesting stories of Chinese festivals and culture-related stories such as Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival stories and Chinese stories involving young children. We also encourage practice and reading repetition until the students are able to understand and become comfortable with their pronunciations. Some other fun activities in class to build skills include playing word bingo and singing famous Chinese songs. Although we have only one hour and forty-five minutes per class, we treasure every happy learning opportunity and is looking forward to the next eighteen weeks together.
Remember, educating resilient children needs patience and nurturing, just as a seed needs time to grow and to sprout good roots. Finally, we need to encourage and support each other in order to obtain a good harvest.
算算日子,從開學的第一週你我素未謀面,而就在慈濟匹茲堡人文學校相識,並且在一起學習了十二個周日的早晨。今年是我擔任基礎一老師的第三年,首先讓我們感謝班上的得力助教麗芳老師和愛心媽媽恩蓉的愛心教導。接著來要介紹班上強大陣容主要成員,(圖由左而右), Ann Dickey (蝙蝠俠),梁宇軒 (托馬斯火車),Yaanika Velliste (小公主),Allan Velliste (中世紀騎士),張倍恩(蜘蛛俠) 和Malena Bendik(小花狗)。我們的班底個個優秀,會跑,會跳,又會叫。記憶力超強,只要打開生活華語書本一看到章節的插圖,課文馬上朗朗上口。本來一學年要教的二十個單字不能滿足學習力強盛的孩子,老師趕緊要添單字加單詞,才能附和需求。校長也常常提省老師要全方位重視學生“說,聽,讀”的能力,所以課堂中給予機會“說”,如簡單的自我介紹和練習對話,多稱讚多鼓勵,小朋友通常會越說越大聲,也越起勁。“聽”懂課堂常用語如“請說”,“請坐下”,“請排隊”,“請安靜”等等,一次兩次多次練習,最後一定都能一聽就懂。“讀”有趣的童話故事和與文化相關的中國節日如中秋節的故事。有趣的活動還包括玩玩文字賓果遊戲,唱唱家戶欲曉的兒歌,把短短的一小時又四十五分鐘充沛利用。