Chinese Calligraphy 書法課

Chinese Calligraphy
書法課 張煜芳老師
It has been my pleasure to teach Chinese calligraphy this year. During the class, we talk about the basic tools for Chinese calligraphy-the four treasures of the study: paper, ink, brush pen and ink stone. We learned the correct ways to hold the brush pen and how to form the different kinds of strokes. We emphasize “patience” when practicing calligraphy– pay attention to the structure and size of the character, pay attention to each stroke of the character. Indeed, practicing calligraphy is a good way to cultivate one’s patience and perseverance. Calligraphy is our traditional art. Mr. Lu Xun once said: “Calligraphy is the pearl of our treasures. It is not a poem, but it has the charm of poetry; it is not a painting, but it conveys the beauty of a painting; it is not a dance, but it bears the rhythm of a dance; it is not a song, but it carries the melody of the song.” We hope everyone will come join us to practice calligraphy and appreciate the beauty of Chinese characters!