Fish in the water 魚兒水中游

Fish in the water 魚兒水中游 黃琦惠老師
This year, we have eight happy students in K2 class. For the past three months, quite a few things have been taught and learned during the language class. Beside songs, pictures and games, we have repeatedly practice listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as introducing Chinese character radicals to deepen children’s knowledge. I am very pleased with the results and this is the best gift I can ever ask for.
This year we also benefited from one student’s father, Mr. Yang-Long Lin, who gave us an interesting lesson on how to decorate a fish aquarium utilizing the new Chinese characters that we just learned. This activity helped extend learning from our textbook lesson, “Fish in the water”. Kids have fun saying: It’s fun to swim back and forth, waterweeds live in the water and they’re beautiful swaying to and fro. It was a fun and educational 30 minutes parent supported event.
Next year, a specially arranged program call “rice” related to lesson nine within K2 textbook will be presented to the students. If anyone is willing to share with us your expertise, please be sure to let me know, I believe that next year will be even more fun!
特別要介紹,今年基礎二班上加入了家長的參與,林俞辰的爸爸,林陽龍先生幫我們上了一堂生動有趣的課 ”如何裝飾水族箱”,配合課本上”魚兒在水裡,游來游去真有趣。水草在水裡,搖來搖去真美麗”。短短的30分鐘,生活化教學好精采。